2022 Research Presentations

**research presented live at Research Day 2022 Conference


Basic and Applied Social Psychology

Andre’ Oliver

Bias in the Mind’s Eye: What Does the Racial Prototypicality of People’s Mental Images of Biracial People Predict?

Annalisa Myer

On Intersectionality and Scientific Rigor: Addressing the Grand Challenges of Psychological Science

Grace Flores-Robles**

Can you put a price on care? The role of commodification and gender essentialism in support for care workers’ labor organizing

Jordan Wylie

Moral Worldbuilding: examining epistemic motives in the moral domain

Rachel Fikslin**

“Not at all inclusive of people like me”: Examining gender and reproductive norms that signal identity threat and safety for LGBPQ cisgender women in OB/GYN Care


Behavior and Cognitive Neuroscience

Claudia Garcia Jou**

Testing the Synaptic Plasticity and Memory Hypothesis

Fahd Alhazmi**

Neural correlates of paradoxical interactions between Pavlovian cues in human associative learning


Clinical Psychology

Amanda Kenepp

Gender- and Age-Specific Differences in Problem Behavior in Children with a Fragile X Premutation

Ariel Zucker

Social Communication and Interaction Deficits in Boys with a Fragile X Premutation

Dakota Egglefield

Treatment response in late-life depression: the absence of a relationship with white matter hyperintensity volume, executive functioning, and processing speed

Dylan Abrams

Prevalence and Psychopathological Correlates of Paraphilic Interests

Sandra Kennedy

Research Engagement Recommendations for Neuropsychological Dementia Disparities Studies in South Asian Immigrant Elders

Sarah Babad

Anxiety Symptoms in ACEs Survivors: Is Self-esteem Protective? 

Shira Russell-Giller

Intrasubject variability of sustained attention is associated with elevated self-reported attention deficits in women with a fragile X premutation allele

Simran Kang

Differences Between In-Person and Telehealth Symptom and Neuropsychological Presentation in First Episode Psychosis


Cognitive and Comparative Psychology

Chloe Brittenham

Lack of Left Gaze Bias to Faces in Adults with High Levels of Autistic Traits

Dana Ravid**

Theory of Mind in Dogs (Canis Familiaris): Using Success Rate with an Auditory Cue as a Predictor of Human’s Success

Katherine Papazian

The Effects of Isolated Affordances on Preschool Cardinality Improvement When Using a Digital Drawing App


Critical Social/Personality and Environmental Psychology

Di Yoong

High-Value Men and Alt-Right Women

Sedef Ozoguz

Tracing Sexual Empowerment in the Psyche: A Case Study of a Turkish Immigrant Woman


Developmental Psychology

Aaron DeMasi**

Recurrence Quantification Reveals How Motor Development Disrupts Infant Sleep Through Movement

Eliana (Ellie) Grossman**

Seeing beyond the mainstream: A comparison of meaning making and aesthetic emotion among autistic, art, and non-art college students

Firdevs Gursoy**

“You Have to Break the Cycle” : Exploring Undergraduate Students’ Perceptions of Community Engagement

Hasibe Melda Kahraman-Colosky

Seeking social information: Infant-caregiver interactions in Tajikistan

Sapir Elimaliah

Sensory Reactivity Patterns Predict Variation in Restricted and Repetitive Behaviors in Non-Autistic Children


Health Psychology & Clinical Science

Irina Mindlis

Illness intrusiveness and psychosocial adjustment among older adults with multimorbidity

Kara Buda

Psychometric Properties of the Short Health Anxiety Inventory: Factor Structure and Criterion Validity During an Acute Health Risk

Luke Nicholls 

The Prevalence and Correlates of Climate Change Distress in the United States


Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Desmond Leung

Underrepresentation of Asian Americans in Leadership: An Intrapersonal Analysis

Kaitlin Busse

What About The Dads? An Examination Of Fathers’ Work-family Policy Utilization

Liz Weglarz**

When the Call to Lead Threatens the Leader: A Qualitative Examination of Fear of Leading

Soohyun (Ashley) Lee

The Bright and Dark Sides of Upward Social Comparison: Knowledge Sharing and Knowledge Hiding Directed at High Performers

Wiston Rodriguez

The Roles of Negative Rumination and Self-Control in the Link Between WFC and CWB


Psychology & Law

Alexis Hardy

Terror Management and Partisanship at Trial: The Effect of Mortality Salience and Partisanship on Mock Juror Judgments

Anna Stenkamp

Mortality Salience and Social Identity in the Blue Wall of Silence

Gabriela Rico

When the Snitch Flips: Examining Perceptions of Recanted and Inaccurate Jailhouse Informant Testimony

Jacqueline Katzman

Sensitizing Jurors to the Suggestiveness of In-Court Identifications through Expert Testimony and Judicial Instructions

Kristen Akin & Anna Vaynman

The Coercion of the Trial Penalty

Melanie Fessinger

From whose perspective? Differences between actors and observers in determining the voluntariness of guilty pleas