2021 Live Presentations

Irina Kuzmich

Examining the Buffering Effect Of Mindfulness on the Relationship Between Stress and Ethical Decision Making

Aaron DeMasi

Learning to Roll Over Changes Infants’ Sleep 

Jaclyn Doherty

Roles of Religious Fundamentalism and Negative Stereotyping in Interfaith Romantic Attraction Among Christian and Jewish Participants

Qihui Xu

Abstract Syntactic Knowledge or Limited-Scope Formulae: A Computational Study of Children’s Early Utterances

Karen Rodriguez

Collaborative Memory and Confidence

Melissa Horger

Sleep States in Infants and Toddler

Sarah Jacobson

Repeated Innovation in Captive Asian Elephants Using a Novel Problem-Solving Task

Marlyn Paulino

The Effect of a Mother’s Parenting Style and Hardships During Superstorm Sandy on Child Fear in Covid-19

Grace Flores-Robles

What’s love got to do with it? Understanding unique barriers in care workers’ labor organizing