Poster Presentations

Animal Behavior and Comparative Psychology

Jennifer Savoie

Visual Behaviors of Bottlenose Dolphins Watching Social and Non-social Videos

Moises Rivera

Preference for Foster vs. Native Species Females in Cross-reared Bengalese Finch Males

Comparative Cognition Conference, 2020


Basic and Applied Social Psychology

Grace Flores-Robles

Does Class Shape the Way People Think About, Explain, and Understand Inequality?

Jordan Wylie

Emotion Facilitates Object Recognition: Evidence from Spatial Filtering

Annual Conference of the Society for Affective Science, 2020

Katlyn Milless

What is Math? Shaping Teachers’ Mindsets and Views of Math as a Discipline Through Participation in Math Teachers’ Circles

Society for Personality and Social Psychology Annual Convention, February 2020

Matthew Vanaman 

The Role of Disgust and Moral Concerns in Bathroom Bill Support

Ryan Tracy

Low Spatial Frequencies Reduce Perceptions of Humanness and Mind

Society for Personality and Social Psychology Annual Convention, February 2020


Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience

Alicia Barrientos

Exploring the Relationship Between Microglia and the Perineuronal Net During Critical Period Development of the Somatosensory Cortex

49th Annual Society for Neuroscience Meeting

32nd Annual Barrels Meeting

Casey Imperiol

Metamemory Monitoring and Control: A High Definition Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation Study

Society for Neuroscience Conference, October 2019

Dan Siegel

The Role of Dorsal Striatum in Reward Identity and Temporal Encoding

Evan Owens

Toward a Physiological Understanding of Presence and Embodiment

Fahd Alhazmi 

Reconciling the Contribution of Common and Separate Prediction Errors in Learning

Hyein Cho

The Role of Safety Learning and Cue Saliency on Anxiety-Related Overgeneralized Fear

Lua Koenig

TMS-Induced Numbsense: Unconscious Touch Perception Without Primary Somatosensory Cortex

Michael Epstein

The Outlier Paradox: The Role of Iterative Ensemble Coding in Discounting Outliers

Vision Sciences Society Conference, 2020


Clinical Psychology at John Jay

Amanda Rosinski

Examining Mental Health Court Graduates: Factors Impacting Recidivism Risk During MHC Participation and After Graduation

American Psychology-Law Society Conference, March 2019

Shane Adams

Profiles of Posttraumatic Stress Symptoms Related to Home Violence: Distinguishing Between Adversity and Trauma Using Latent Class Analysis

35th Annual Meeting of the International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies, November 2019


Clinical Psychology at Queens

Al Amira Safa Shehab

The Effects of Mobile-Based Resonant Frequency Breathing Training on Stress, Mood, Cognition, and Heart Rate Variability: A Randomized Controlled Study

Crystal Quinn

Investigation of Judgment Ability in Patients with Frontotemporal Dementia

Daniel Saldana

Correlates of the Effectiveness of Chess Training as Cognitive Training for Children with Attentional Problems

Isabelle Avildsen

Serial Position Effect Markers in Alzheimer’s Disease: Primacy Progression as Predictor of Conversion from Healthy Controls to Cognitive Impairment

Kaitlin Carson

Disclosure & Nondisclosure of Sexual Victimization Experiences 

Sara Babad

The Long-Term Psychosocial Impact of Individual Adverse Childhood Experiences Associated with Environmental Instability

35th Annual Meeting of the International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies, November 2019

Victoria Martin

Predicting Perceptual Aberration by the Aberrant Salience Inventory and Multidimensional Schizotypy Scale-Brief in a Non-Clinical, Urban Sample

International Neuropsychological Society Conference, February 2020


Cognition, Language, and Development

Katherine Papazian

Drawing and Two-Digit Numeral Learning: An Exploration of Recognition Accuracy and the Errors Made by Preschoolers

Nicole Amada

Psychedelic Experience and the Narrative Self

Olga Parshina

Reading Patterns in Bilingual and Monolingual Speakers: Scanpath Analysis


Cognitive and Comparative Psychology

Dvora Zomberg

Improving College Students’ Understanding of Algorithms

Eastern Psychological Association Conference, June 2020

Kelly Cotton

Working Memory Consolidation Improves Long-Term Memory Recognition in Words and Non-Words

60th Annual Meeting of the Psychonomic Society, November 2019


Critical Social/Personality and Environmental Psychology

Arita Balaram

Interrupting Intergenerational Silences through Participatory Oral History and Digital Archiving

Ayten Ozoguz

Wild Women of Anatolia

Bengi Sullu

Negotiating Frameworks for “Free” Time: Parents’ Values, Design and Management Regarding Children’s Out of School Time in New York City

US Play Coalition 2020 Conference on the Value of Play, April 2020

Donald Brown 

Indigenous Linguistic Performance at the Ghana-Togo Border: A Critical Autoethnography of Black Subjectivity

Varnica Arora

Exploring Masculinities within Adivasi Contexts in India

Developmental Psychology

Aaron DeMasi

Do Novice Crawling and Walking Infants Practice Skill-Relevant Movements During Night Wakings?

Ariana Riccio 

Does Participatory Programming Promote Positive Outcomes for Autistic College Students? A Cross-Institutional Survey Study

Melissa Horger

Behavioral Sleep State Coding Around Motor Milestone Acquisition 

Sapir Elimaliah

Examining Relations Between Cardiac Autonomic Activity and Autism Traits in Adults

International Society for Autism Research, 2019


Health Psychology and Clinical Science

Beverlin Del Rosario

Why Reflection Leads to Suicide Ideation

Caroline Zimmermann

Illness Perceptions and Treatment Adherence among Emerging Adults with Asthma: Bringing in a Developmental Perspective

33rd Annual Conference of the European Health Psychology Society Meeting, September 2019

Irina Mindlis

Self-Management Burden and Depression in the Context of Multi-Morbidity

33rd Annual Conference of the European Health Psychology Society Meeting, September 2019

Madalyn Liautaud

Depressive Symptoms Moderate the Effect of Internalized Transphobia on Binge Drinking In Transgender and Gender Diverse Adults

Sugandha Gupta

Hopeful yet Hesitant: How an Optimistic Bias for Survival Shapes an End-of-Life Medical Decisions

41st Annual Meeting of the Society of Behavioral Medicine, 2020


Industrial-Organizational Psychology

Alessa Natale

Trans*Forming Leadership Perceptions: Effects of Transgender Label, Expressed Gender and Agentic vs. Communal Behavior on Evaluations of Leadership Potential

35th Annual Conference of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Anne Kato

Cognitive Ability Tilt & Job Performance

Danielle Wald

Illegitimate Tasks Exacerbate the Undesirable

Manuel Gonzalez

AI as an Ally: Improving Reactions to Artificial Intelligence

Society for Industrial-Organizational Psychology Conference, June 2020

Soohyun (Ashley) Lee

“I believe that I can beat you”: The Role of Boosting Self-Efficacy in Reactions to Envy

International Society for Research on Emotion Conference (ISRE), July 2019

Stefanie Gisler

Break-Need Fit: Development of a New Scale Measuring the Effectiveness of Work Breaks


Psychology and Law

Anna Stenkamp

Free Will Belief and Perceptions of Procedural Justice in Police-Suspect Interactions

Kristyn Jones

At a distance: The effect of Threat on People’s Perceptions of Distance in Police Recorded Encounters

American Psychology-Law Society Conference, 2020

Patricia Sanchez

The Netflix Effect: Naturalistic and Experimental Exposure to Wrongful Conviction Media