2023 Live Presentations

Matthew Rudolph

The Nose Knows? Assessing Social Learning in Asian Elephants (Elephas Maximas) in a Problem-Solving TaskĀ 

Friederike Windel

Conditional Tolerance and Openness: Liberal Nationalist Values in Focus Group Conversations with White German-Speaking Teachers About Heimat

Marimar Perez

Pelo Bueno, Pelo Malo: Relations Between Marianismo and Latina’s Hair Esteem

Dina Fleyshmakher

Curb Your Contempt: A Qualitative Study of Contempt in the Workplace

Hasibe Melda Kahraman-Colosky

Infant-Caregiver Interactions in Tajikistan: Social Information Seeking and Object Exploration During a Structure Task

Zara Khan

To What Extent Are Racial and Ethnic Minority Individuals Being Studied in Health Psychology?

Varnica Arora

A Critical Discourse Analysis of Media Representations of Young Girls’ Suicides in India

Ava Zwolinski

Memories of the Queen’s Death: A Multinational Approach

Donnan Gravelle

Critical Activism is Associated with Lower Anti-Disability Bias

Aaron DeMasi

Motor Skill Acquisition and Infant Sleep Disruption

Sarah R. Sullivan

Adolescents’ Reasons for Not Disclosing Their Suicidal Thoughts and Behaviors Before Presenting for Clinical Care in NYC

Mali Waugh

Can Measurement of Infant’s Sleep and Motor Development be Streamlined? Yes & No