2022 Live Presentations

Aaron DeMasi

Recurrence Quantification Reveals How Motor Development Disrupts Infant Sleep Through Movement

Claudia Garcia Jou

Testing the Synaptic Plasticity and Memory Hypothesis

Dana Ravid

Theory of Mind in Dogs (Canis Familiaris): Using Success Rate with an Auditory Cue as a Predictor of Human’s Success

Eliana (Ellie) Grossman

Seeing beyond the mainstream: A comparison of meaning making and aesthetic emotion among autistic, art, and non-art college students

Fahd Alhazmi

Neural correlates of paradoxical interactions between Pavlovian cues in human associative learning

Firdevs Gursoy

“You Have to Break the Cycle” : Exploring Undergraduate Students’ Perceptions of Community Engagement

Grace Flores-Robles

Can you put a price on care? The role of commodification and gender essentialism in support for care workers’ labor organizing

Liz Weglarz

When the Call to Lead Threatens the Leader: A Qualitative Examination of Fear of Leading

Rachel Fikslin

“Not at all inclusive of people like me”: Examining gender and reproductive norms that signal identity threat and safety for LGBPQ cisgender women in OB/GYN Care

Simran Kang

Differences Between In-Person and Telehealth Symptom and Neuropsychological Presentation in First Episode Psychosis