2023 Research Presentations

**Research presented live at Research Day 2023 Conference


Basic and Applied Social Psychology

Annalisa Myer

Et tu, Biracials? Examining Perceptions of Biracial People via Interracial Interactions

Grace Flores-Robles

Participation in Labor Organizing as a Voice Outlet: The Backlash on Care Workers

Madeline Nickel

From Injustice to Inaction: The Role of Worldview Threat in Dampening Collective Action


Clinical Psychology

Alexandra Grace Bonagura

Child Maltreatment and Psychiatric Disorders Increase Risk for Stalking

Annalise Caviasco

The Interaction of Mood and Multilingualism on Cognitive Flexibility

Clara Law

Examining Behavioral Inhibition in Association with Quality of Life and Comorbidity in Social Anxiety Disorder.



Sonia Seehra

Health-Related Quality of Life of Children with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy 


Cognitive and Comparative Psychology

Chloe Brittenham

Examining Visual Processing of Hierarchical Figures through Behavioral MEasure and Pupilometry in Relation to Autistic Traits in Adults

Dana Ravid

Do Dogs Rely on Their Experience with a Novel Cue to Predict How Others Would Respond to It? 

Donnan Gravelle**

Critical Activism is Associated with Lower Anti-Disability Bias

Kelly Cotton

How Does Stress Affect Working Memory Consolidation?

Matthew Rudolph**

The Nose Knows? Assessing Social Learning in Asian Elephants (Elephas Maximas) in a Problem-Solving Task 

Miranda Trapani

Are Giant Pandas, A Relatively Solitary Animal, Averse to Inequity? 


Critical Social/Personality and Environmental Psychology

Clairette Atri Mizrahi & Verónica Laguanas Girón

Lingering in Excess After Laboring Through Crises: An Epistolary Explanation of What Exceeds the Interview Space, Interviewer-Narrator Roles, and Research Project in Social Sciences

Bengi Sullu

Bridging Developmental Psychology and Childhood Studies through Teaching Practice

Friederike Windel**

Conditional Tolerance and Openness: Liberal Nationalist Values in Focus Group Conversations with White German-Speaking Teachers About Heimat

Sedef Ozoguz

The Critical Construct Validity of the Liberation of Women in Turkey

Varnica Arora**

A Critical Discourse Analysis of Media Representations of Young Girls’ Suicides in India


Developmental Psychology

Aaron DeMasi**

Motor Skill Acquisition and Infant Sleep Disruption

Julia Moses

Exploring Associations Between Child Temperament and Social Attention in Preschool-Aged Children

Hasibe Melda Kahraman-Colosky**

Infant-Caregiver Interactions in Tajikistan: Social Information Seeking and Object Exploration During a Structure Task

Mali Waugh**

Can Measurement of Infant’s Sleep and Motor Development be Streamlined? Yes & No

Marimar Perez**

Pelo Bueno, Pelo Malo: Relations Between Marianismo and Latina’s Hair Esteem 

Michele Gonçalves Maia

Napping Helps Infant Consolidate Balance Control Training to Reduced Cognitive Load


Health Psychology & Clinical Science

Irina Mindlis

Identifying Disease- and Treatment-Relationed Factors Associated with Illness Intrusiveness in Older Adults with Multimorbidity

Jamie Taber

The Role of internalized Transphobia and Negative Expectations in the Relationship Between Identity-Specific Intimate Partner Violence and Mental Health Outcomes in Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Young Adults 

Megan Wirtz

Examining the Effect of Depression on the Relationship Between Health Behaviors and Body Image Among Childhood Cancer Survivors

Sarah R. Sullivan**

Adolescents’ Reasons for Not Disclosing Their Suicidal Thoughts and Behaviors Before Presenting for Clinical Care in NYC

Zara Khan**

To What Extent Are Racial and Ethnic Minority Individuals Being Studied in Health Psychology?


Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Annalisa Thomas

Effect of Leader Appreciation on Employee Burnout: A Self-Determination Perspective

Dina Fleyshmakher**

Curb Your Contempt: A Qualitative Study of Contempt in the Workplace

Kelly Nguyen

Effect of Daily Family-Work Conflict on Work-Family Conflict through Negative Affect

Shivani Shah

Threat Appraisal and Behavioral Reactions to Illegitimate Tasks

Wiston Rodriguez

Effect of Email Inclivity on Family Leisure Activities: Detachment as a Mediator 


Psychology & Law

Anna D. Vaynman

Communication Disorders and the Criminal Justice System: Early Risk Identification and Prevention

Ava Zwolinski**

Memories of the Queen’s Death: A Multinational Approach

Jacqueline Katzmanalso Basic and Applied Social Psychology

Phenotypic Mismatch in Lineup Composition Puts Black Suspects at Risk of Misidentification