2021 Research Presentations

**research presented live at Research Day 2021 Conference


Marlyn Paulino**

The Effect of Maternal Stress During Superstorm Sandy and Parenting Style on the Child’s Fear Response During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Psychology Student, Queens College

Basic and Applied Social Psychology

Grace Flores-Robles

What’s love got to do with it? Understanding unique barriers in care workers’ labor organizing

Jaclyn Doherty**

Roles of Religious Fundamentalism and Negative Stereotyping in Interfaith Romantic Attraction Among Christian and Jewish Participants

Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience

Jessica Buthmann

The Children of Superstorm Sandy: A Preliminary MRI Study of the Prefrontal-Limbic Circuit

Maedot Yidenk

The Implication of Placental Genes on Intellectual Disability and Developmental Delay

Clinical Psychology

Christine L Ginalis

The Intersection of Gestational Maternal Anxiety and Child Heart Rate Variability and Anxiety

Kristena Newman

The Differential Effects of Acoustic Discriminations on Operant Learning Performance and Neurogenesis in Male and Female Zebra Finches

Mikell Bursky

COVID-19 Related Social Media Use Mediates the Relationship between Emotion Dysregulation and Anxiety

American Psychopathological Association Conference, 2021

Shantal Taveras

Sex Differences in the Effects of Maternal Prenatal Stress on Temperament Changes: A Superstorm Sandy Cohort

Cognitive and Comparative Psychology

Chloe Brittenham

Exploring Face Inversion Effects and Attentional Biases in Infants at High Risk for ASD

Karen Rodriguez**

Collaborative Memory and Confidence

Kelly Cotton

The Role of Creativity in the Relationship between Working Memory Consolidation and Long-Term Memory

Moises Rivera

Preference for Foster vs. Native Species Birds in Cross-fostered Bengalese Finches

*Animal Behavior and Comparative Psychology Legacy Student

Sarah Jacobson**

Persistence is key for successful problem solving and innovation in Asian elephants

Qihui Xu**

Abstract Syntactic Knowledge or Limited-Scope Formulae: A Computational Study of Children’s Early Utterances

Developmental Psychology

Aaron DeMasi**

Learning to Roll Over Changes Infants’ Sleep

Melissa Horger**

Sleep States in Infants and Toddler

Michele Gonçalves Maia 

Sit Up Straight and Focus: The Relationship between Infant’s Sitting Ability and Focused Attention

Sapir Elimaliah

Associations Between ASD-Related Traits, Restricted and Repetitive Behaviors, and Sensory Reactivity in Children

Health Psychology & Clinical Science

Madalyn Liautaud 

Anhedonia in Tobacco Withdrawal among African American Smokers

Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Irina Kuzmich**

Examining the Buffering Effect Of Mindfulness on the Relationship Between Stress and Ethical Decision Making

Joshua Nagel

Why Did the Employee Ostracize that Coworker? 

Shivani Shah

How do Illegitimate Tasks Affect Voluntary Behavior? A Resource Perspective

Wiston Rodriguez

How Supervisor Incivility Begets Employee Silence: A Moderated Mediation Model

Yuliya Cheban

Applicant Reactions to the Changing Nature of the Job Interview